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The Steps To Success With Feng Shui

To focus on something brings your ATTENTION in line with your INTENTION. These are two very important points that will achieve success when you begin to use Feng Shui cures. We at EarthSpirits.net know that to achieve success takes patience and ATTENTION. By starting to see the relationship of Feng Shui to your everyday world your mind begins to entrain your attention. Intention is desire and will, coupled with determination, to affect the changes that you wish to receive. Without Intention and Attention your cures will be weaker and take longer.

For a number of years I have used an exercise with my students that takes five minutes a day and has had profound effects! We still use it today!


Five Minute Exercise:

It takes about thirty days to change habitual thought patterns, however, five minutes is not a lengthy period of time and is quite suitable for today's busy lifestyles. Change always works from the inner to the outer- this is fundamental.

Feel and dwell on the certainty that your emotional, spiritual and psychic abilities are focused through the flesh, and for five minutes only DIRECT ALL YOUR ATTENTION TOWARD WHAT YOU WANT. Use visualization or verbal thought, for that period focus your concentration only on what you desire, not on your lacks, then forget about it. Use all of your energy and attention, make one physical act during the day in line with your beliefs or desires. (Do this once daily.)

Feng Shui is working with the flow of Chi (your energetic life force). Our bodies have currents of energy that flow within. By doing this exercise you can keep your Chi and the flow of Chi around you in harmony. When we decided to present this course, we wanted to make Feng Shui achievable, practical, and interactive.


Chi, or life force as it is often called is very similar to many of the elements that we use, feel, taste smell and see in every moment of our lives. In fact, it is the energy that gives power to everything around and inside of us.

Think about the wind for a moment. You can not see the wind but you can feel its effects. You may see the leaves and branches on a tree gently swaying from side to side, or smell the scent of fresh flowers as a breeze carries it across a meadow. We all feel the cold chill of a winter wind and the warmth of the summer air. Wind is a source of many outer as well as inner stimuli. For example, to a person who has grown up on a farm, and now lives in a city, the scent carried on a breeze of a farm with its animal, straw and manure smell may bring back wonderful memories of childhood and to another, the same smell may cause one to close the windows and turn on the air conditioning!

You may be wondering, what does this have to do with Feng Shui? In our opinion, very much. You see, Wind is one of the elements of the word "Feng-Shui" the other being water. These two elements generate the change of seasons, tides, rain, snow, heat, cold, and so on. The purpose of Feng Shui is to bring these elements into your environment in a balanced way that is beneficial to you. Windchimes for example chime in the wind, so wind chimes help to facilitate as well as enhance the flow of energy in the space they are placed. These, and other tools used in Feng Shui are reminders of the energy, and help to keep the energy moving in a positive manner.

Going back to the example of how different events brought about by the elements, such as the wind help to stir either positive or negative emotions in someone means it is important to tailor Feng Shui to your personal tastes. Decorate in a way that is beneficial to you, with items that you enjoy looking at and or hearing. Use items that give you a positive feeling when you view them. They must be aesthetically pleasing to you. Don’t buy a chime or painting that you are not very fond of, just because someone says it will help you with something. If you do this, every time you look at it you may have more of a negative response rather than positive, and feeling is extremely important when it comes to the effectiveness of your cures. Use items that evoke pleasure in you when you see them, and the effects will be much greater. One last analogy, is that it is good to play uplifting energetic music when you are cleaning to help eliminate the stagnant Chi. To one person, this may be reggae, another classical, pop or country. Listen to what you like to hear, and you will be in a good mood, emanating good energies in your home.

What works for one person will not work for you unless you believe in it and have faith that it will work. Use Feng Shui to enhance your being, tastes and desires in the way that best works for you.

The following are six basic principles to help you get started. These will help to entrain your INTENTION and ATTENTION

1. Energize the door and entryway. The door and entrance are key points of the entire house/apartment- there's a lot you can do at this point. Cheerful lighting is the easiest. Add a warm lamp to your entryway, install lights along your driveway to make your place look inviting and cheerful. Light up your door. The Chinese use a lot of red because it is a very auspicious color. Perhaps you could paint your door red which can be very charming and welcoming. Hang windchimes above your door to help facilitate the positive flow of Chi into your home, and brush them with your hand when you walk by to hear them chime.

2. Energy must flow unrestricted and freely to have good Chi; if it is blocked or stagnant you may find it hard to get moving and to keep moving. Remove obstructions and clutter from your pathways (hallways, driveways, entrys and so on). Keep them open and clear for free flowing Chi (energy).

3. The bed is the most important place in the home or apartment following the door and entryway. It can affect all areas of your life, including the areas of health, marriage and prosperity. You can improve your life and relationships by improving the Feng Shui of your bedroom. Later in this course we will get into this in detail. One point to make at this time- remove any fountains you may have in your bedroom, this is not a good placement for them. The fountains should be in the entryway.

4. The concept of the commanding positions for strength and safety will be discussed further, later in this course.

5. Cleanliness- a clean house provides you with fresh, clean energy. This is the kind of Chi you need to stay healthy, happy, and vigorous. Try cleaning with orange products, which are not only good for the ecology, but is also good for the Chi.

6. Balance and harmony- walk around and feel the energy of your space- how does it feel to you? If you detect a lack of balance or harmony in a particular area, take note of it. In fact, walking through your space and using your senses to feel it, to feel an area where energy seems stagnant, and by keeping note of this in a notebook, will help later on in the course when we talk about Feng Shui cures, and their placement.

In the next lesson we will discuss observing the energy patterns of your environment and the use of the Feng Shui Octagon or Ba-Gua.

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