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Feng Shui Tips

The Five Elements, their relationship to the Ba-Gua and the Life Areas.

What is Feng Shui
The Steps To Success with Feng Shui
Use of the Feng Shui Octagon or Ba-Gua
The Five Elements, Their Relationship to the Ba-Gua and Feng Shui Life Areas
Feng Shui Cures
Sound Cures, Living Cures, Water Cures and Color Cures

You will become familiar with the eight directions and how that relates to color and the Five Elements. We will also talk about some simple cures you can begin to use. Some of the colors will be repeated in different Ba Gua directions. These same principles of balancing Yin and Yang energies with the Elements and colors can be used in any space; home, apartment, office, garden or yard.

Each of the Five Elements is symbolized by one, two or three colors. There are of course various shades and hues of these colors that can be used.

Wood = Green
Fire = Red
Water = Black or blue
Earth = Brown or Yellow
Metal = White, Gold, or Silver.

The Elements are governed by the Productive Cycle and the Destructive Cycle. In the Productive Cycles the Element Water produces Wood, which in turn produces Fire, which then produces Earth, which produces Metal, which produces Water. The cycle is continuous, just as all cycles in nature are- they all benefit each other and flow in harmony with each other.

The Destructive Cycle is just as important as the Productive Cycle, as the process of decay makes room for growth. In the Destructive Cycle Wood breaks up Earth, which absorbs Water, which eliminates Fire, which melts Metal, which can chop Wood.

Use dominant green for the East and Southeast, dominant red for the South, dominant yellow for the Southwest, dominant white or metallic for the West and Northwest. Keep your base colors to the correct element.

In the East and Southeast(Wood) the Water colors of blue and black are excellent alternatives. This is because Water produces Wood. In the Southwest and Northwest(Earth) all shades and combinations of red will be excellent as Fire produces Earth. In the West and Northwest (Metal) in addition to White; all shades and combinations of yellow, beige and brown will be excellent as Earth produces Metal.

In the North white is excellent because Metal produces Water. For the South which is fire, green is good as Wood fuels Fire.

This is the Elemental theory of colors. It can be supplemented by other considerations. For instance, red is considered very auspicious, and the color purple is exceedingly lucky when combined with silver.

In the practice of Feng Shui, harmony and balance are very important to keep the flow of Chi positive, so any preponderance of any one color or Element is not beneficial.

The Element of Fire is Yang energy symbolized by the color red, so the placement of red objects is adding to the positive Yang energy. Candles and bright lights increases fire energy.

Earth energy is grounding and nurturing, it induces closeness and togetherness. Warm and soothing, Earth furnishings will improve marital and relationship prospects. This also stimulates knowledge and learning. Earth is associated with Relationships and Marriage(Southwest).

Education and Knowledge(Northeast. To enhance these areas place crystals, ceramics and terra- cotta items in these corners. Earth produces Metal so the Metal sections can benefit from Earth furnishings; crystals, terra-cotta items, ceramic bowls, earthenware pieces, etc.

Metal is a positive Yang Element. Area that benefit from Yang energy are Children (West), Mentors and Networking. The energy called Chi oscillates and flows through every area of your environment. Surfaces and Textures affect this flow- metal is hard, flat and shiny, this creates a faster flow- as you can see from this; placement of the Elements can be very important to the harmony and balance of your home, office or garden. If one area has too much "Yin" energy placing Yang elements can help to balance that particular area.

Metal helps to "create" Water so the addition of some attractive metal objects can help to harmonize the flow of Chi(Yin and Yang energies); Chimes are good for this.

The flow of Chi is always flowing and circulating around the home and garden. It is influenced by the Five Elements, particularly Water. Water is a very powerful tool, constantly moving, carrying and accumulating Chi throughout the surrounding environment. The sight and sound of flowing water is soothing and relaxing, it can be used to energize specific areas of your life and home.

Water features can be placed in the North (Career) to help with your career aspirations. Water is also the symbol of prosperity and wealth. An aquarium or a water fountain placed in the wealth area can have a very positive effect. Definitely do not place water in the bedroom area.

The stagnant areas of the bathroom are areas where water is constantly being drained away. Because water is linked to money, over activating this area is not advised (keep the toilet seat cover down).

Ponds and fountains placed in your yard and garden enhance the flow of beneficial Chi in your environment. Water is essential to your inner Feng Shui, so drink lots of it to balance and harmonize your body's Chi.

Wood is one of the Five Elements, it evolves from Ying and Yang (the joining of male and female energies) and represents all living plants and trees.

Areas associate with Wood are the Wealth and Prosperity areas of your home and garden. If you want to increase your wealth and general well-being, place some wooden items plus some energizing plants and flowers in the Wealth and Prosperity and the Health areas of your home. Wooden benches can boost the Wealth area of your yard and garden.

The following is a summary of Elements and cures that you can begin to implement now.

Fire-Red-South = Lights, candles, paintings or artwork incorporating the color red, red sofa pillows, a rug with the color red, a chair, red glass objects. Fire and Red are Yang Energy Yang is energizing.

Earth-Earth Ochre Colors and materials-Southwest-also Northeast = Education and knowledge. Terra-cotta items, ceramic bowls, porcelain items, plants placed in terra-cotta or ceramic containers.

Metal-gold Silver, Pewter-West and Northwest = Metal candle holder, picture frames, metal decorations, dinner plates decorated with silver, gold or both. Metal items in your kitchen, metal watering cans or decorations in the West corner of your garden.

Water-North-Career = Aquarium, fountains, ponds and fountains.

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