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Feng Shui Tips

Sound Cures, Living Cures, Water Cures and Color Cures

What is Feng Shui
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Use of the Feng Shui Octagon or Ba-Gua
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Feng Shui Cures
Sound Cures, Living Cures, Water Cures and Color Cures

Sound Cures in Feng Shui are very effective for clearing old negative energy and bringing in new and fresh chi. Two types of sound can be used as sound cures: ones with a ringing quality and other kinds of sound. Ringing sounds are more powerful, but you can use almost any sound emitting tool. Ringing cures include windchimes, bells and gongs. Modern day ringing devices include telephones and alarm clocks.

Sound cures create beneficial effects by:

1. Stimulating new energy flow.
2. Awakening, arousing and alerting.
3. Calling forth a message.
4. Sending a reply.
5. Strengthening the energy of a location, person or Octagon area.
6. Provides protection.
7. Creates harmony, peace and balance.

In this section on sound cures I also include soft, uplifting music and the gentle sounds of a water fountain.

Windchimes attract new energy, stimulate opportunities and disperse negative chi from your life. Windchimes used as cures are best made of metal and chime clear tones. Sound quality is important in choosing your chimes. If the chimes are pleasing to you they will be highly effective in adjusting your energy. If the chimes inside your house don't ring, don't worry, the windchimes are very effective. Whenever you wish you can ring it in passing creating positive chi on demand. Good quality chimes will last much longer and have better chimes and tone.

Bells are good cures wherever chimes are inappropriate. (There is no need to hang chimes everywhere) Bells can be hung from a stand which can be placed anywhere and activated when needed. Gongs are excellent solutions for entrances to homes, buildings or properties.

Living Feng Shui Cures:
One of my favorite cures is living cures - plants and flowers. They add color to your space and symbolize new life and growth. Use plants that are vibrant, healthy and lush. Rounded leaves are better than long, pointed ones. Plants with dagger-like leaves (cacti) symbolize spears in your environment. If your plants are sickly, sparse, weak or dying, heal them or replace them.

Plants with flowers or fruit create more powerful cures than those without. When using a plant for a Feng Shui cure you get best results by buying some new ones. However, if you are on a budget and cannot afford new ones, by all means use the ones you have.

Some plants that are good to have are Jade plants and bamboo. Bamboo is considered very fortunate.

Placing fresh green healthy plants in the center of the house is a great all-around cure. One plant can help but more is better. Odd numbers (3, 5,7) can create more activity than even numbered plants. Plants placed in the Eastern section- family and health are recommended. This keeps the family fit and free of disease. this section is governed by wood. Place a money plant in the eastern section of any main room, especially the living room.

It is important not to use dried flowers. Dried flowers no matter how pretty are dead and symbolize death. Healthy, alive plants symbolize life and vitality. So, please, get rid of them!

Feng Shui Water Cures:
Water Cures are important and used extensively in Feng Shui. Water represents sustenance, wealth, and the flow of life. Humans have always chosen to live close to the sounds of water. In our modern day world we are cut-off from naturally flowing water and because of this lose something psychologically and energetically profound.

The Feng Shui cure is to add water to your environment both indoors and out. Water that is flowing creates soothing sounds and the movement of water over stones and rocks instigates a healthy, refreshing release of negative ions, which creates a sense of well-being, and makes breathing easier.

Waterfalls and fountains create new energy flow in any environment. A well placed fountain can have a beneficial impact on any space. However, avoid placing a fountain in the fame area of the Octagon- it is the natural location of the fire element and because water puts out fire it can have a dampering effect on your reputation.

Flowing water means flowing money. A fountain that incorporates a light in its design adds a nice energetic touch.

Ponds and Pools in Feng Shui:
Still bodies of water on your property represents stored wealth, as well as clarity and depth of knowledge. Lakes, ponds and swimming pools generally enhance the chi of a property.

The following are key principles that should be observed:

1. The body of water shouldn't be too large compared to the house, or it can energetically overwhelm the house and weaken the occupants chi.

2. Shape and placement of the body of water are also important to note.

A. Sharp angles of a swimming pool pointed toward the house represents a  cutting edge and can stimulate accidents in the resident.

 B. A crescent shaped pond with the tip of the crescent pointing away from the property symbolizes money leaving the site.

C. Rounded organic shapes such as a kidney shape relate directly to the water element in the body. Kidney shaped ponds or pools should appear to hug the house so that wealth gathers and remains in the house.

3. The still water feature on your property should be clear. It is better for your finances and clarity of mind.

Fish and aquariums are very powerful Feng Shui cures. Because they are a combination of water and living energy (chi) they stimulate the flow of chi and new energy flow. Aquariums with fish are notorious for bringing good luck, fortune and a stream of wealth to the occupants. Many restaurants use them because this is one of the most difficult businesses to succeed in. Stock your aquarium with multicolored constantly circulating fish. They stimulate flexibility and ease in endeavors in your own life.

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