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Feng Shui Tips

Use of the Feng Shui Octagon or Ba-Gua

What is Feng Shui
The Steps To Success with Feng Shui
Use of the Feng Shui Octagon or Ba-Gua
The Five Elements, Their Relationship to the Ba-Gua and Feng Shui Life Areas
Feng Shui Cures
Sound Cures, Living Cures, Water Cures and Color Cures

Cycles bring balance into the Universe and our physical world. Feng Shui is balance- the balance of placement, colors and the five elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal. The balance of furniture and accessories to create harmonious beauty in our environment. As the world and our workplaces become more hectic and in-harmonious, at least we can do something about the spaces that we inhabit.

We can't relate to you enough the need for harmonious spaces in your lives to offset the daily stresses. The purpose of this course is to help all of you achieve this in a practical manner. We have drawn from all of our resources and tried to condense the information into something that is achievable.

This lesson will begin with the Feng Shui Octagon also known as the Pa Kua or Ba-Gua(these names are interchangeable). The Octagon is a visual tool with eight sides, you can apply this to any floor plan, whether it a room, office, home or garden. Before we get into the use of the Octagon there are tips on how to sense the energy in any environment that you may encounter.

Use your intuition. It is good to develop this ability as we all have it. The value of this is that it will provide you with a general idea about the energy of your space. As you sense this energy make an energetic map of your space. This activity focus's your conscious mind and your subconscious on the life changes you desire to achieve. Feeling the energies and using the Octagon are valuable tools, using them together develops your awareness of what is occurring in your space and where to apply Feng Shui adjustments for maximum benefits. Everything you encounter registers in your body as a FEELING. When you become sensitive to your feelings you find that they are giving you a correct read of energy in any space that you may encounter.


Reading energy is like any other ability, it improves and becomes material with practice. The following methods help you to sense energies with your body. Before you perform your Feng Shui Cures sense the energies in your space, pay attention to your Feelings, and keep notes. Cures change the energies in your space, pay particular attention to the changes after you perform the cures.

1. Quiet yourself- notice how your body feels, it is an accurate barometer of the energy in that particular space. Feel the physical sensations from your stomach up through your chest and throat. Trust your body and the data your receiving. You will know what Cures need to be done to remedy the space.

2. Check how your body feels in that location. Do you feel grounded and stable or off-balance and spacey? Do you feel a slight wobble as you stand? Are you restless or calm? Note all of these feelings and keep notes.

3. Before entering a space notice your thoughts and frame of mind, does it change after entering? Try to enter in clear and calm state. Pay attention to any shifts of mind or feelings.

4. Entering an area with negative Chi tends to register in your stomach or head more than any other part of your body. If you experience any dizziness, discomfort, headache or tightening in your stomach, these are signs of negative Chi in that space.

5. If your energy level feels energetically good than the space has good energy-if you feel tired, low or down then the energy is low and can drain energy from the occupants. If you are doing any space(room, office, home, yard) keep notes!!!


The Ba-Gua is an energetic map used to diagnose energy qualities in your space. Using the Octagon you divide any definable space which must have specific boundaries and a main entrance.

Areas of the Octagon are called Life Areas. Each of these holds a different energy and corresponds to a specific area of your life. It is important to use the Ba-Gua (Octagon) efficiently and effectively. Practice assessing the energy of a space, practice using the Ba-Gua. The size of a space is not as important as the energy condition of the space. All positions are figured from the front door of any space. This is very important to remember.

The following are the nine Life Areas of the Ba-Gua or Octagon.

1. Helpful People- Right Hand Front area
2. Career- Center Front
3. Knowledge- Left front
4. Family- Center Left
5. Wealth/Money- Back Left
6. Fame/Reputation- Back Center
7. Marriage/Partnership- Back Right
8. Children- Center Right
9. Health- Center Of Octagon

You can apply the Octagon to any space, home-including the lot, office, cubicle, or individual rooms.

Feng Shui Ba Gua Page Two

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