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Vegetable Garden

Who can resist the taste of sweet, homegrown tomato, or the smell of cooking sweet corn?

Every year gardening becomes increasingly popular. People are enjoying the healthy benefits of growing their own food.

Vegetable gardens can be grown on patios, balconies, decks, small spaces, and in containers. As you can see gardening does not have to be limited to the traditional large rectangular area. Vegetables can even be used in an ornamental manner, adding color and dimension to non-traditional areas.

Gardening is so much easier now than ever before. There are kits that can grow 30lbs of tomatoes in 3 ½ square feet, or several lbs of peppers or eggplants with a minimum of work.

Now technology in gardening is making it possible for those with limited time and space to grow an abundance of luscious and healthful vegetables.

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