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Feng Shui Tips

Sound Cures, Living Cures, Water Cures and Color Cures

What is Feng Shui
The Steps To Success with Feng Shui
Use of the Feng Shui Octagon or Ba-Gua
The Five Elements, Their Relationship to the Ba-Gua and Feng Shui Life Areas
Feng Shui Cures
Sound Cures, Living Cures, Water Cures and Color Cures

Feng Shui Cures

As I am writing this the world seems to be in a state of conflict and negativity. All of these events are wake-up calls to all of us. People are seeking the comfort, safety and warmth of home, family and friends. This is the time to create quiet, sacred places within our environment. A place of sanctuary where we can pray, meditate, or just consider the recent events and how they are impacting lives.

Many questions are being asked by each one of us. "What will our future bring?" "How will this affect my family, my children and my friends?" "What can I do to make my home and workplace safer?"

We can do many things to create the positive flow of Chi. In previous lessons we have gone over the importance of understanding Chi- what it is and how it affects our health, fortune and relationships- these are the three most important things in our life.

We have discussed colors and their relationship to the Five Elements, as well as the importance of the Ba Gua and the Life Areas of our home, office, and gardens. The next several lessons will cover:

1. Key Methods to create cures.
2. Minor cures you can use that will bring major changes in your life.

Keep in mind throughout these lessons that thoughts have energy. As you are implementing these cures, Visualization and Intention are key elements in the success of your cures. We will begin this lesson with adding "what's needed" and minor cures.

Minor cures use "natural chi" to adjust the energy of a space or a location. These cures allow you to create change within your current environment without having to remodel, move or buy a new home. They are simple, practical, effective, and work immediately. You can feel the effects on the environment and you!

Minor cures use the energy of:
Light                        Weight
Sound                      Bamboo
Living energy (Spirit)  Power
Water                       Fragrance
Color                        Touch

Light Cures:
The energy of Lights such as natural, overhead lights, lamps, incandescent or other kinds of lights. They add warmth, cheer, comfort and brightness. If a bulb burns out the cure is nullified.

Faceted Crystal Spheres have many applications. Faceted Crystals of 50 mm or larger are recommended, however, in a pinch smaller crystals will due. The reason faceted crystals are so important is that they shift the energy of a space in several important ways.

1. Added light, expansion and new energy.
2. They redirect energies towards a more beneficial direction.
3. Attract and draw energy to a location.
4. Harmonize disruptive or confusing energy flows.
5. By refracting and diffusing energy flows, protecting you from negative (poison) arrows of energy.
6. Empowering your meditations and visualization. They are very beautiful, which is a very important component of Feng Shui.

Mirrors as Key Feng Shui Cures:
Square and rectangular mirrors symbolize balance. Circular mirrors represent wholeness, oneness and unity. Octagonal mirrors denote power and represent the Feng Shui Octagon (Ba Gua). Larger mirrors create more powerful cures. Mirrors also symbolize self-image and clarity of mind, so they should not be distorted.

Mirror cures are used in the following ways:

1. Add light and brightness, helping to lighten up darker areas.
2. Attract new energy.
3. Redirect the flow of Chi.
4. Repel harmful or negative Chi.
5. Magnifies and strengthens one's image.
6. Expands an area creating more space and light.
7. Empowers a Life Area of the Ba Gua(Octagon).
8. Restores missing areas of a room or house(irregular shaped rooms, incomplete squares or rectangles).

The mirror should not be smoked or have flawed surfaces. Odd shapes are not good Feng Shui.

Our next lesson will discuss Sound Cures, Living Cures, Water Cures and Color Cures.

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